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FTF Accounting Inc.

Dedicated to empowering industrious Canadian families through comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services with pride.

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How We Operate

For The Family Accounting, our outsourced accounting service is dedicated to assisting Canadian Small Businesses by placing utmost importance on timely, precise, and meticulous record-keeping and financial services.
Having witnessed firsthand that a thriving business is invariably backed by a supportive family, we focus on managing your financial data, allowing business operators the freedom to allocate more time to their personal obligations. This not only empowers them to address life's demands but also provides them with comprehensive financial insights for making well-informed decisions.

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Our Solutions

We offer a wide array of services for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits. Whether you need assistance related to tax filing, bookkeeping, or any other financial matter, we would love to help. Scroll down to learn more about what we offer.


Elevate your financial game with our monthly bookkeeping services! Dive into a world of consolidated financials, seamless account reconciliation, and cutting-edge financial and tax strategy. And hey, independent contractors, we've got you covered too – your record-keeping dreams just found a new home! Let us transform your numbers into a symphony of success!


Unlock stress-free payroll perfection with our full-cycle payroll services! From handling Government Remittances to crafting flawless ROEs and T4s, we've got it all covered. Picture this: your team members beaming with joy as their paychecks roll in seamlessly. It's not just payroll; it's a payroll party! Join us for payroll bliss like never before!


Get ready to elevate your financial game with our dynamic accounting services! We don't just balance the books; we catapult them to the next level! Collaborating closely with you, we set ambitious targets on specific key performance indicators, unraveling the secrets hidden in your financials over time, and that's just the beginning! Join us on this exhilarating journey as we transform numbers into success stories!

Tax Preparation

Step into the world of seamless tax excellence tailored just for you! Our team collaborates with a lineup of industry-specific tax professionals to craft both corporate and personal tax returns with finesse. With specialists by your side, rest assured your taxes are handled the right way—precision guaranteed! Independent Contractors, you're more than welcome to join the hassle-free tax journey! Let's make tax season thrilling and worry-free!

Financial Modeling

Break free from the monotony! Imagine a world where you're not stuck running the same monthly reports and crunching those repetitive numbers. Enter the realm of custom financial models—an exhilarating escape that not only saves you precious time but also streamlines your processes with unmatched efficiency. It's time to bid farewell to the mundane and embrace a tailored financial journey that works uniquely for you! Let's turn routine into remarkable!


Say goodbye to compliance worries! We've got your back to ensure you're in perfect harmony with the CRA. Our commitment? Keeping all your government remittances up to date, from seamlessly filing GST/PST to handling WCB and EHT. Let us take the reins, so you can focus on what truly matters. It's not just about compliance; it's about unleashing a stress-free financial adventure. Embrace the freedom of worry-less compliance with us!

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Let's talk about your business and find the solutions that work best for you!

Unlock the potential for your business—let's chat and discover tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your needs!

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32789 Burton Ave #601
Mission, BC V4S 0C9


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